How to get rid of a car that doesn’t run?

It might be the fact that you are the owner of a vehicle and you are planning to purchase a new one in the near future. In that case, you have no other way but to dispose of your old vehicle so that there is enough space in the garage to park a brand-new one. Various ways will be open in front of you to sell the old automobile in case it happens to be in proper running condition; but, what will happen if it does not run? Suppose, your car has been converted into an inanimate object on top of 4 wheels due to a damaged transmission, a broken engine, or anything similar to that. If you think that it is of no use to repair the car, then your only option will be to sell it. In this blog, we have mentioned several surefire ways to sell a vehicle that does not run.

1. Come in touch with a junk removal service

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that this will be the easiest and quickest method of getting rid of your old automobile. You simply need to come in touch with a junk removal service in your area, and they will take the car away from you. However, you need to pay them some money for the service rendered by them.

Here, we like to mention that you need to be sensible while taking this particular route. It will not be a good idea to go for the very first junkyard that you come across. Make a survey for finding different quotations and go for the best deal possible. Furthermore, it will be advisable for you to take this route as your last resort. It is important to bear in mind that the car might still have some value despite the fact that it does not actually run. As a matter of fact, it might be possible for you to generate some revenue from the car rather than paying some money for disposing of it.

2. Sell the vehicle after renovating it

It will be a fantastic idea to renovate the automobile before doing anything else. Although it might be the fact that your car is not running at present, it will be possible to make it run once again after renovating it. You’ll come across many individuals in your locality who are willing to purchase old vehicles, refurbish them, and then sell them for making some profit.

It will be possible for you to make the vehicle run once again within a short span of time in case you have the proper knowledge and the proper tools. There is hardly any doubt that this will be your best bet in case you have the will, as well as the way.

Nevertheless, the refurbishment of the automobile will depend a lot on its present condition. You’ll find it quite difficult to get the job done in case the car has not been operating for quite some time. It will be recommended for you to proceed accordingly after evaluating the situation.

3. Donate the vehicle

One of the last resorts available in front of you in case everything else fails to deliver will be to donate it without making any profit whatsoever. Despite the fact that making the donation will not provide you with additional cash, you will be able to deduct the car’s value on your taxes afterward which will give you some additional cash in the long run.

4. Recycle the automobile

You will have one more option open in front of you which will be to recycle the vehicle. Although it is quite similar to junking the car, the difference is that companies advertising themselves in the form of junk removal services are not going to recycle vehicles at all times, while those which claim to be recycling companies will do. Recycling will be your ideal option in case you happen to be an individual who is concerned with the surroundings. Get in touch with your regional junk removal company in case there is no specialist recycling company in your locality, and request them to recycle your vehicle.

5. Sell the car for components

One more authentic way to get rid of your vehicle that does not run will be to sell the vehicle for components. However, we like to mention that it can be an extremely complicated task to strip down the vehicle and sell it for components. It will not be suitable for any amateur who does not have enough knowledge regarding vehicle components. Lots of junk global companies will be able to strip the vehicle and sell it for components and they are aware of what they are actually doing. For this reason, they can be considered to be a lucrative business model. This will be an ideal option for you to get rid of your car in case it is not running provided you have got enough knowledge in selling car components.

You need to make comprehensive research beforehand prior to taking this particular step. Make sure to find out whether there is adequate demand for the car components on the market. It will be of no use to dismantle the car by investing a lot of time in case nothing is going to sell in the long run.

6. Sell for scrap

It is also a fact that your car consists of some valuable metal that can provide you with some cash. Metal recyclers might want to pay for the remaining components after the majority of them have been sold by you. In this case, it will be a sensible idea to take the help of scrap recyclers. You’ll come across several removal companies as well who will pay you for the car’s metal as well.

7. Sell the vehicle to a body shop or mechanic

Disabled automobiles are utilized by several body repair and auto repair shops either as spare components or for providing training to the service technicians. Never hesitate to request the auto repair shops to assess your vehicle prior to settling on a price. However, you’ll find it difficult to negotiate a price in case the shop does not have any idea how they’re going to use the vehicle.

8. Sell the vehicle to a dealership

It might be the fact that your vehicle is not working anymore in spite of being comparatively new. In that case, it will be a good idea to sell the vehicle to the dealership once again from where the car was bought. It is a fact that the majority of the dealerships will be purchasing back the vehicles already sold by them in case they will be able to fix it in the long run. Here, we like to mention that it will not be a difficult thing to sell the vehicle to a dealership, and you simply need to come in touch with them and inform them that you are going to sell the automobile to them. After making the purchase, they are going to send a tow truck to your residence for collecting the vehicle.

9. Sell the vehicle to a scrapyard

It is a fact that there is a lot of similarity between recycling services and scrapyards. It might be an extremely complicated procedure to dispose of your vehicle at a scrapyard, and it will be imperative for you to arrange transportation for the vehicle on most occasions, such that it will be possible for you to reach the vehicle to them. Nevertheless, it will be possible for you to get some more money by selling the vehicle to a scrapyard directly than recycling it.

10. Sell it to a damaged car service

It might be quite surprising to you when you come to understand that there is some value left in the car which is not running at present. It might be having scratches and dents spread all over it, and it might have rusted beyond measure. Moreover, it might be the fact that the automobile has not run for quite some time. In spite of this, it will still have some value left in it. Check this after coming in contact with a reliable damaged car service in your area. In case everything has failed for you, then it will not be a bad idea after all. After all, the damaged car service might be offering you some money for your old vehicle in the process.

11. Go for auction

Our last suggestion in this comprehensive list of how to get rid of your automobile in case it is not running will be to go for auctions. This will be a popular process of purchasing and selling any used automobile. Try to find out some auction houses in your locality at the earliest. Nevertheless, do not be disappointed in case you are not capable of selling your car. Moreover, if you are able to do so, you should not expect to get much in return.

However, there might be some surprises in store for you. If you are able to find the appropriate person looking to purchase at the appropriate time, then it might be possible for you to get some good money for the car. In fact, they might be able to see something in your vehicle that might not be perceptible to you.

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