How to remove and clean your mini blinds

The first thing you want to start with is understanding the types of mini blinds and what the manufacturer recommends for cleaning, because you don’t want to hire someone that does a different kind of cleaning, that’s not recommended for your blinds.

Before you consider buying new mini blinds, you should consider cleaning the old ones. It’s a whole lot less money to clean them than it is to replace them. The process is simple. To clean white vinyl mini blinds, fill your bathtub 1/3 with water, mix in 1/2 cup of bleach. Soak the blinds in this for about 30 minutes, then rinse well. Hang them up outside to dry. Even the string comes clean as well as the blinds.

When it comes to spring-cleaning, mini blinds are among the most over-looked items in your home. When was the last time they got a good cleaning, Just make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t damage them.

If you purchased your mini blinds from K-Mart and it cost you fifteen dollars, obviously you’re not going to clean that type of product. But if you have a custom blind that cost $100 a window, you want to keep them looking like new. The cost of cleaning runs from about $14 up to $32 per shade or blind, depending on the kind you have.

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