Get Rid of the Biggest Pains in the eBay Business

How would you like to get rid of some of the biggest pains in selling items on eBay,

How would you like to have a product where there is:

No scouring the internet or your community looking for saleable products
No researching for, or dealing with, suppliers, wholesalers or dealers
No investing hard earned dollars, upfront, in products
No inventorying of products or packaging to store in your home
No packaging of products after they are sold
No traveling to the post office or wherever, to ship them.
No charging outrageous shipping fees
No more making minuscule profits of only 20 to 30%

What is the answer, Sell digital products!

Digital products can be ebooks, DVD’s, reports, videos, CD’s and more.

Digital products are reports, files, or movies that are digital (or electronic) and are meant to reside on the computer and be transferred digitally.

All these above products are similar so let’s focus on ebooks. Ebooks are basically long reports, stories or how-to’s which are written, sold and downloaded directly from a web site or e-mailed to the buyer. Then, if the buyer prefers, he can print a hard copy of the ebook to read in his leisure.

Where do you get these ebooks, Well, that would take a long explanation, but briefly, they are generally written by the seller. However, they can be purchased from others, have others write them for you, or interview an authority and transcribe the interview.

To sell a digital product on eBay, you simply write a good sales page and list it. When someone buys the e-book, you just e-mail the buyer (with the ebook) or tell him where he can download it.

Let’s look at the benefits in a little more detail:

1.) You get to keep 100% of the profits. Once the products are written (or developed) there is no further cost and all profits are yours.

2.) You don’t have to sell a physical product, i.e., something you can hold or handle. This results in many benefits, namely:

You don’t have to buy every product you sell! This frees up a lot of your money that you would have to invest in inventory. It also eliminates buying products and not selling them. How many times do we see something and say that would be good to sell on ebay. Then we buy it and either never list it, or list it and it doesn’t sell. Digital products on the other hand are free to create.

You never have to worry about running out of products. Since they are all digital you make one copy and it can last indefinitely.

You don’t have to worry about looking for new dealers, suppliers or wholesalers. This can be very time consuming to find the right dealer at the right price. But just as important, you don’t have to deal with them.

You won’t need any storage space for the products or packaging materials. All you need is space on your hard drive.

There is no shipping and handling costs. You can even have an automatic downlink link where it all happens instantly and automatically. Your customers are happy because they get it without paying any shipping charges and you are happy because you don’t have to handle, package or transport anything.

You eliminate the single biggest reason people refuse to buy stuff online: paying too much for shipping charges.

There you have it – eight benefits of digital products.

Remember by selling digital products you eliminate the most painful aspects of selling on ebay.

Some people are selling digital products on eBay and are making a ‘killing’. You can be one of them too. Just consider it!

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