June 14, 2021

7 Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Fast and Naturally

This article will answer your wonders on how to get rid of pimples easilly, quickly and naturally. Pimples can be very annoying especially when they come near your important days. So, check these points out to know how to get your perfect complexion back.

How to Get Rid of Pimples Swiftly

How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

1. Apply Aspirin Mask

If you have some stocks of aspirin tablets in your first aid kit box, you can function it well as a pimple remover by turning it into a mask. Here is the instruction you can do to make an aspirin mask:

  • First, take one or two aspirin tablets and grind it.
  • Add only a little bitwater, a drop will do. Mix it with your finger to form a paste, then apply the paste to your pimples.
  • Leave it be for more than 30 minutes and rinse your face with water afterward. Your pimple inflammation shall reduce after applying this treatment.

Aspirin tablets are known as a reliever to inflamations and swellings, making it an answer on how to get rid of pimples easily. Make sure your hands are sterile when you are about to make aspirin mask.

2. Use Face Treatment with Salicylic Acids

Besides aspirin, salicylic acid is also highly recommended to remove pimples or zits from your face. Choose the ones with a pH of 3 to 4. Salicylic acid is also contained in some face-treatment products that you can find easily in a medicine store or large grocery store. Apply the facial wash or soap that contains salicylic acid to your thorough face when pimples come. For best result, do this treatment for at least two times a day so that your pimples would be reduced and to prevent more pimples coming on your skin. For the fast treatment it provides, salicylic acids can be one other answer on how to get rid of pimples effectively.

3. Use Cortisone Paste

You may immediately go to see your skin doctor when you get this tiny red yet annoying guest. Some of the skin experts would recommend cortisone paste to heal the acnes. To find the best one suitable on your skin problem, ask your doctor and do the thorough consultation. Purchase the one prescribed by your doctor and apply it like the terms and conditions stated in the labels. Some cortisone paste can only be applied to the infected area so again, read the conditions applied to prevent an accident that may occur. All in all, cortisone paste is effective as an answer on how to get rid of pimples quickly.

4. Apply Vitamin E Oil

One way on how to get rid of pimples effectively is by using vitamin E oil. It is mainly sold in beauty stores and health care stors so you should not find any difficulties looking for it. The vitamin oil is usually packaged as a capsule so after purchasing this one, puncture the tip of the capsule with a needle and squeeze the oil to the infected areas. You may also mix the oil altogether with your moisturizer and apply it daily to reduce the scars caused by pimples. Vitamin E is the best antioxidant that can treat your skin well and also can get rid of pimple scars.

5. Use Acne Lotions

Acne lotions or serums that are widely sold as beauty products can be the other answer on how to get rid of pimples with related products. Use them well by sticking to the conditions stated in the label. There are some recommendations before purchasing and using the products you are targetting. First, read the reviews of the product by people who have already used it. You can find the reviews online on beauty blog or website, make sure the reviewer is reliable enough. Second, ask the ones you know who may have used the particular product or even ask the other recommendations according to them. Not all types of acne lotions and serums are suitable on your skin, though. So, stick to the ones who have same skin characteristic with yours.

6. Experience a Steroid Injection

Your skin doctor may offer a steroid injection if you experience a deep cystic pimples. Even though the word injection may scare you right away, it is completely safe when it is done by certified dermatologist. The effect of this steroid injection is reduced swellings and redness, your pimples are also likely to get away faster. To prevent the other cystic pimples coming to your skin, consult to your doctor about do’s and dont’s that you must do and you should not do at all. Learn to listen to your certified dermatologist well if you do not want those pimples to come invading your skin anymore.

7. Apply Ice Cubes to The Infected Area

Ice is proven to reduce swelling so it can also be used as an alternative on get rid of acne easily. Hold the clean ice cubes or clean ice packs against your infected area for 20 to 30 minutes. If you can not stand the cold blast it gives, pat the ice cubes to your pimples. This will cause the bacteria from the pimples to get out on its own because the pimple pore is closed by the cold from the ice cubes.

8. Consider Getting Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels

Sometimes acne lotions and serums just won’t do, you can consider getting the microdermabrasion and chemical peels of your skin. Contact your certified dermatologist before doing this and to do this effectively. A microdermabrasion treatment will exfoliate the skin with brush meanwhile the chemical peels will apply the acidic solution during its operation. This acidic colution will burn your top layer of skin, however, you will get it replaced by fresh skin underneath. Take care of your skin extra-carefully after getting these two treatments or either one. Visit your skin doctor or dermatologist regularly.

9. Do Steam Your Face

Face steaming will open your pores and enables your skin to breathe easily by the heat it produces. Even more, the bacteria and oils that are contained in your pores may come out easily and will not give you any higher possibilites of getting pimples. If you do not have a face steamer in the house, you can do it conventional way. First, prepare a large plastic basin or bowl with hot boiled water. Use a towel surrounding your face to prevent the sweat fro dropping to your face. After that, keep your face as close as possible to the steam while closing your eyes. Rinse your face with warm water afterward and apply a moisurizer to get your moisturized skin back.

10. Use The Toothpaste

Toothpaste is stated by some to be an effective way on how to get rid of pimples easily. Instead of using the gel toothpaste, use the white toothpaste one. It is better if you do this treatment before going to bed. First, apply the white toothpaste to you clean finger, only a ltiny amount will do. Apply this tiny amount to the infected area and go to bed while leaving the toothpaste do its job. Wash your face with soap and water the following morning. The redness and swelling from the pimples must have been reduced significantly.

11. Apply The Mixture of Water & Apple Cinegar

If you happen to have a bottle of apple cinegar in your house, use this ingredient to get rid of pimples:

  • First, take a tiny amount of apple cinegar then dilute it to half its strength with water.
  • Dip a cotton pad or a cotton bud to the mixture and pat your skin with the cotton pads.
  • Do this ritual once a day after the pimple cars seem to have reduced significantly.

Apple vinegar is mentioned to be able to manage the pH of your skin, making it less possible to be infected by pimples or zits.

12. Apply Baking Soda to Your Pimples

Baking soda that is usually stored in your kitchen or ingredients drawer can also be a helpful ingredient to remove the pimples or zits quickly. Baking soda is capable of absorbing excessive oil while it kills fungus and bacteria that may be contained in your skin pores. It can also accelerate the cell formation or regeneration of the skin. To use this baking soda, mix adequate amount of it with water and form a paste. Apply the paste as a mask to your skin and let it stay for at least 30 minutes. Rinse it off with warm clean water to get rid of pimple scars fast.

13. Get Rid The Pimples in One Night by Squeezing it?!

You may need to know about how to get rid of pimples in one night, especially when you have important event the day after. Unfortunately, not many acne medicines are able to cure the red zits overnight. However, you can still squeeze your pimples but keep in mind, do it in the right conditions. It can be dangerous if you squeeze the pimples without following these conditions:

  • First of all, clean your hands thoroughly and make sure it is sterile enough to touch your bareface. Also, wash your face with acne soap.
  • Press down the areas of inflammation mildly. If you feel a sting of pain, it is not the right time yet so you may have to wait for the next day. It is safe enough to squeeze the pimple two to three days after the pimples come.
  • After that, take the alcohol, a cotton pad, and big enough mirror with you. Wipe the inflammation area with alcohol and cotton pad first. After that, do the same thing to your hand to minimize any possibilities of skin infection.
  • Once you are ready with sanitizing, grab your pimple and push it gently, keep in mind to not do it with your nails but with your fingertip. Make sure the white pus come out from the inflammated area all at once. After that, wipe the infected area again with alcohol and cotton pad.
  • Put salicylic acid to relieve the scars and inflammation you just made from pushing the zits. Wait for one day before you start using make up again. This treatment may look easy and quick, but it is not a recommended way by skin experts on how to get rid of pimples right. Make it the last option you have.

Alternative Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally

1. Applying The Lemon Juice

One answer on how to get rid of pimples naturally is by using the lemon juice. Lemon juice will help the pimples to dry quicker because it contains high amount of vitamin C. Instead of using the bottled one sold in large grocery stores, use the natural one that you made by yourself. Here is the instruction you can follow on doing this remedy:

  • Prepare clean cotton buds or cotton pads as much as you need to heal your infected skin
  • Dip the cotton buds or pads to the lemon juice and pat it gently to your pimples. Leave it be overnight then get a nice and long sleep. Your pimples should have dried significantly the following day.
  • The other alternative you can try with lemon juice is by mixing it with cinammon powder. Make a paste out of these two ingredients and apply it to the infected area. Get a long sleep and wash the paste the next morning with warm water.

The disadvantage of this treatment is, it may not be suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

2. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

The other way on how to get rid of pimples using natural resources is by applying the aloe vera to the infected areas. Aloe vera is proven to heal scars quickly and you can find it planted easily near the house. Not only that, aloe vera is also capable on moisturizing your skin so the ultimate soft skin can be yours again. To do this aloe vera treatment, get one of it and cut it into several broken parts to get the gel oozing from inside. Apply aloe vera immediately and directly to your skin. Let the gel do its job for at least 30 minutes before you finally rinse it off with clean water. Do this remedy for about two to three times a week to get the best result.

3. Apply Orange Juice & its Peels

Orange juice and orange peels can be a great alternative on how to get rid of pimples. Just like the lemons, the oranges are also rich in vitamin C so your swelling pimples will tend to dry faster. To do this treatment:

  • It is going to give a better result if you steam your face first so that the pores will open and the bacteria are ready to get out.
  • Then, make sure you have prepared orange juice next you, just peel an orange first. Dap the peels with orange juice using your clean-washed hands afterward.
  • Put the orange peels to the infected areas on your skin and leave it for at least one hour.
  • Do not forget to wash your face with clean water after you are done with the remedy.

Do this treatment at least once a week to get the better result. If you do not feel like sticking the orange peels to your skin, you can also use the cotton pads as an alternative. Use the cotton pads with orange juice you have made earlier.

4. Put The Tomato Mask on Your Skin

Besides its capability on making skin healthier with its vitamin C and anti-bacterial feature, tomatoes are also proven to help eliminate excess oil from your skin. In long-term use, tomato helps fight the skin-aging and protects the skin well due to its high lycopene. This is the instruction you can follow on making tomato mask. Cut the clean-rinsed tomato and mash it with a juicer or blender. Apply the tomato mask to your face for at least 30 minutes, then rinse it off with clean warm water. Do this treatment for two to three times a week until your pimples get better significantly. All in all, tomato juice can be used as an alternative on how to get rid of pimples with natural ingredients.

5. Mix Strawberries with Honey

Honey alone is already good for the skin and pimples treatment, so how is it going to be mixed with strawberry juice? Better, exactly. Not many know this, but strawberries also contain salicylic acid that is good to maintain skin pH. The other advantage salicylic acid gives from the strawberries is, it helps the cells to regenerate faster so the infected pores can be removed faster than regularly. To make this mixture of strawberry and honey:

  • Prepare three clean strawberries first. Mash them manually to make sure that the mashed ingredient is not so watery. After that, add two spoons of raw honey and blend them altogether.
  • Before applying this mixture to your skin with infected areas, wash your face thoroughly first.
  • Apply this mixture and leave it to stay on your skin for at leas 30 minutes. Rinse your face with clean water.

To prevent the other pimples from infecting your skin, do this treatment at least twice a week. To heal the pimples. four to five times a week is highly recommended.

6. Use Green Tea

Drinking green tea is the best detoxification, but do you already know that green tea is also one of best natural ingredients to get rid of pimples? The studies conducted earlier in 2012 by skin experts and dermatologists showed that green tea is best when applied in external area of body, such as skin for the high antioxidant it contains. Other than that, green tea also contains EGCG that has already been proven to reduce inflammation and prevent bacterial growth in the skin. To do this treatment:

  • Place half cup of organic green tea leaves and then put the boiled water inside the cup.
  • Let it be for five minutes, then strain the leaves and let it cool itself for more minutes.
  • After you sure that the leaves are good enough to be applied, use the cotton pad to apply the leaves to the infected areas.
  • Leave it overnight while you catch a good and long sleep. Wash your face with warm clean water the following morning.

This treatment will give spectacular result when it is done regularly to prevent oncoming acnes infecting your skin.

7. Apply Papaya Mask

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that is able to cut down the inflammation and stop the formation of fats in pimples (pus). It also helps eliminate the dead cells from your skin surface so it is the other good natural ingredient to remove pimples. To make this papaya mask, firstly cut the fresh and clean papaya into smaller size. Take out the seeds and mash it until it forms a paste and use it as a mask to your infected areas ok the skin. Leave it be for 30 minutes then clean your face with clean water. For the best result, do this remedy for two to three times a week.

The tips mentioned above are effective as a way on how to get rid of pimples from your precious skin. By doing this tips, regain your nice complexion back.

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