Chronic Constipation: This thing is not a joke; Get rid of it ASAP (part 2)

In continuation of the article titled above, you by now may have realized why it is of uttermost important to have a clean and free flowing colon by avoiding the causes of chronic constipation. I will now go over the possible solutions of its symptoms for your edification.

Solutions for Chronic Constipation: Introduction

In some cases, there are residues in the body (gall stones, impacted fecal matter, etc) that are “stuck”. Intestinal residue may have to be assisted mechanically via a raw fruit and vegetable diet (for a while, if you don’t want to go the route of being 80% or more raw) and regular fasts.

Every change of diet for the better should start with a 1-2 day fast. Of course, you must get the body prepared gradually for this with the proper transition diet which is also issued in the text. Before this 24-48 hour fast, ensure to observe the following menu suggestion.

Solutions for Chronic Constipation: Suggested Diet Menu

Breakfast: Fresh Juice

Lunch: One or two seasonal juicy fruits

Supper: Vegetables: Cooked, Raw or a combination.

Never drink during a meal. The more liquids you consume while eating, the more difficult it is to digest the foods, as the liquids tend to dilute the digestive juices.

Also ensure to chew each mouthful of your meals thoroughly. This is known as Fletcherism: A process which involves you chewing each mouthful to a liquid or semi-solid pulp, by consciously masticating a mouthful of food over and over, ensuring to mix it with your saliva. Between each mouthful swallowed, purposely have between 4-6 seconds of a brief pause as well. When you observe this, it not only allows your stomach and intestines to rest as in a fast and this consequently promotes elimination that hereby enables the vital organs to recuperate. By fletcherizing mono-meals of fruit say Melons in summer or Apples in fall, this can used as a form of a preparatory stage for a fast.

Furthermore, thoroughly masticating your meals helps to curb your appetite so you don’t over eat even the best foods as assimilation is greatly enhanced through this discipline.
Moreover, this (besides a fast of course) is one sure-fire method of avoiding chronic constipation.

Chronic Constipation: Exercise also Matters.

Another way in which both mild and chronic constipation can be avoided will be by engaging in physical exercise. This acts as a stimulant for peristalsis, the wave-like motion in the visceral organs that induces a natural relief from constipation. However, on this subject, perhaps the best form of exercise for chronic constipation relief will be the incomparable Yoga. Let me take this time to introduce you to some effective yoga poses that combat constipation effectively.

Chronic Constipation: Yoga Poses that Could Help

1. The Bow Pose
2. The Shoulder Stand
3. The Peacock Pose
4. The Abdominal Lifts
5. The Breathing Exercises.

These poses specifically target the abdominal region of the body and in executing them; one finds a natural remedy for constipation. Adequate information on these poses can be found on several Yoga sites online or you can fire up your favorite search engine and get the information on them. However for interested parties, I have ensured to describe in detail the execution of these poses to combat chronic constipation in my book.

Remember, the human body before all other physiological considerations is an air-gas engine constructed in its entirety-with the exception of the bones-from a rubber like, very elastic, spongy material, called flesh and tissues. For this mechanism to work most efficiently, obstruction in these tissues needs to be eliminated. With the methods listed above you too can naturally be free of chronic constipation and well on your way to improved health, vigor and vitality.

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of Fitness: Inside and out, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally. For more information on natural health and safe weight loss, visit

Naturopathy has proven that ALL diseases have their roots in constipation, a clogging up of the human bodily tissues. To combat this enemy of health, you must take some steps to succeed. Read more for your edification.

Chronic Constipation: This thing is not a joke; Get rid of it ASAP (part 1)

Chronic Constipation: This thing is not a joke; Get rid of it ASAP (part 1)

According to the research of pioneers in Naturopathy, it will be safe to say: Every disease is simply a product of chronic constipation which is a clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human body.

The average person is constantly carrying 10-15 pounds of un-eliminated feces in their bowels. This in itself has a toxic effect on the blood stream. Experts in autopsy have stated that in 60-70% of the colons examined, foreign matter such as worms and decades old feces-stones have been found still present within.

Prof Arnold Ehret, author of the Mucus-Less Diet Healing System, stated that in his fasting retreat, he had fat patients who eliminated up to 50-60 lbs of waste alone from their bodies! Chronic constipation (as in the colon) in itself might be the cause of a plethora of diseases. Taking these into consideration, it definitely will be an understatement to say that all measure must be taken to alleviate constipation in our bodies.

Causes and Effects of Chronic Constipation:

Chronic Constipation may be caused by:

1. Failure to pay attention to the desire for bowel movement.
2. Lack of sufficient fruits and vegetables in the diet.
3. Lack of fluids by not drinking enough water. (Not just liquids as in sodas and alcohol!)
4. Poor food combinations and consumption of mucus forming and hard to digest foods.

As was mentioned earlier, the more the feces remains in the colon, the more it poisons the body as the blood stream must come in continuous contact with the colon. Furthermore, as the colon remains unclean, the foods in the stomach remain undigested or hard to assimilate, which explains why some people who apparently might be skinny, still can consume loads of food.

All of these considered, it is plain to see why fruits, some roots and mostly raw green leaf vegetables which serve as nutrient giving items and intestinal brooms, form the basis of a healthy diet. It is important to know that healing properties, not the calories as most diet fads state is the main factor for choosing a diet and avoiding chronic constipation.

The stomach is the central organ of disease matter supply. There is a limit to its ability to digest and to empty itself after the meal especially with a clogged up colon. This explains why a foul breath is perceived in the mornings and why most people look drawn and constantly tired.

The constitutional obstructions in your entire system are the sources of all diseases be it excess weight, acne, asthma you name it! All of them have their source in the colon. Without proper diet and exercise, the Standard American Diet is never eliminated and the entire system is slowly constipated, especially in the place of the symptom of the disease.

I will continue with the solutions of chronic constipation in part 2 of this article on
Chronic Constipation: This thing is not a joke, Get rid of it ASAP

Keep in mind, as with any human ailment, chronic constipation can be cured and prevented permanently, you perhaps only need to be shown how for your success.

Changing Your Mans Underwear And Getting Away With It

Men hate buying their own underwear. Single men tend to whiz into big departmental stores, grabbing the 3-pack underwear that are dyed in the dullest colors, hoping that the lady at the checkout counter is not young and pretty. When they have got a girlfriend or wife, the task is almost immediately delegated quickly to her. After all, she is the only one who sees.

But what happens underneath those clothes is very important to the women, which is why have put together some tips for women on how to choose the best underwear. The tips involve three simple steps which involves, firstly, working out what kind if guy you have, choosing the type of underwear and lastly, getting sufficient quantities the new style into the mans drawer before explaining yourself.

First Step What kind of man you are dealing with.
The first step involves working out what kind of man you have. Try using the following guide:

Ubermale This guy is so concerned with his looks that he will take care of his own underwear and you can be sure that you can trust that it will look good on him. It is best to make sure that he does not end up out-dressing you in the underwear department. The best thing for this guy is to hand him a mens g-string so he can admire his own buttocks in a mirror.

Metrosexual man He owns at least some form of facial cream and does enjoy shopping. It would be normal to see this guy wearing something from Zara or American Apparel. Trunks are the thing for this kind of man. He will be well aware that Calvin Klein have great looking trunks.

Family man Spends most of his time with babies climbing all over him. Therefore something comfortable and easy are important like briefs. By the time he crawls into bed after putting the baby to sleep you wont notice what he has on anyway.

Lad This guy is busy down the local bar watching football, humming to songs as he showers in the football changing room. Best advice is too get him something that will not embarrass his mates at the club. Good old fashioned boxers are perfect for him and you can even choose to vary the material by buying something silkier.

Seond step Ordering
A man will normally wear one pair of underwear for as long as possible without changing. It is pretty disgusting, therefore women should make sure he changes it and has at least 14 days worth of underwear supply. This way you can make sure he will get around to his washing every two weeks. However, if you want to make sure he washes his underwear more often, the solution is obvious, buy less underwear. A friend once bought a single three pack only.

Step three – Making the switch
Now, tips on how to get rid of the old designs. The fastest way to is to use the direct approach. Dump the underwear in the trash on a garbage day. You really dont want him rummaging in the trash can looking for them while cursing at you. Make sure his new underwear is placed exactly where the old ones would have been. If the colors match, the change in underwear type might even go unnoticed for a few days if youre lucky.

Step four Explaining yourself
When your man asks where his favorite underwear disappeared to, you can choose your how you want to explain the truth. It is easy to say the washing machine chewed it up or go straight for the clich, I prefer you without them and them head for the hot rumble that follows, helping him get over the fact his favorite y-fronts have gone.

Burn Baby Burn: Getting Rid Of Your Baby Fat (After Pregnancy)

One of the joys of conceiving becomes quite obvious as the months go by, and thats showing off your bulging baby bump, a trend being made ever so popular by Hollywoods hottest expecting leading ladies.

But, unless you’re one of the Hollywood hotties, you may not be able to shed that baby bump so quickly after delivery. In fact, if youre over 25 and certainly over 30, losing the baby weight may seem like a losing battle.

Not only has our body packed on the pounds during pregnancy, but along with age, comes a natural tendency to favor fat and gain weight. Once a certain fat level is reached and maintained for an undetermined but specific amount of time, the body accepts this (level) as normal and works at conserving it.

So, as you start to purge those extra pounds, other physiological systems kick and foster
Re-gain. Hormones and neurotransmitters that control your activity level, your hunger level and how you metabolize food are also affected in ways that encourage fat to make its way back.

But, experts assert that there is hope, it just may take more time and conscious effort. And, they add, that it should be viewed and treated as a lifestyle change, and not a temporary diet plan geared at simply shedding some extra pounds.

Among the key factors to dropping the weight and keeping it off is the amount of exercise you do over the long haul. Experts suggest a few times a week if possible, but even that may not be enough. In fact, the ideal amount would amount to about 30 minutes per day, even if its done at intervals, which is also a great way to help you not only maintain a healthy weight, but stay healthy as well.

Furthermore, studies show that losing weight and keeping it off may mean up to 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise daily (for most), and they again suggest breaking it into intervals. You can also incorporate exercise into daily activities such as walking instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. And, they caution those who are or may be out of shape to start off slow and take it easy and build up gradually.

Overall they suggest sticking within your (daily) calorie and exercise range and finding a program thats practical and easy for you to commit and stick to. And they suggest making small, achievable goals that will enable you to see results, which will in turn be a motivation for you to continue on your successful path.

Bridal Jewelry Sets – a great combination to pull your look together

Finding bridal jewelry to complete your look for the big day can sometimes be a difficult task. You may find that in your searching you see a pair of earrings you like and a necklace, but there is no bracelet. Likewise, you may also find your bridal earrings and bridal necklace but together, the two pieces of jewelry do not match well. This is where the suggestion of pulling your jewelry accessory look together by purchasing an entire bridal jewelry set from one merchant.

When purchasing your entire bridal jewelry set from one merchant or bridal jewelry designer, you will have a more consistent and complete look. Your bridal jewelry will match together because it was designed to be together. What makes bridal jewelry sets even more special is after your big day, many times just wearing your bridal earrings or bridal necklace out for a nice dinner or dancing can bring back all of the special moments and memories that you made on the most important day of your life.

In addition, you will save time and energy by purchasing a bridal jewelry set all at once. There will be no more hunting for the perfect pair of bridal earrings that will match the bridal necklace or bridal bracelet that you have already purchased. Yet another bonus to purchasing one bridal jewelry set is you will pay one shipping fee versus paying two to three different shipping fees by ordering your bridal jewelry pieces from various bridal websites and bridal jewelers. Many times you will find that by purchasing your bridal jewelry in a set, you will receive a discounted rate.

To conclude, when purchasing your bridal jewelry sets, keep in mind the overall look and feel you want to have for your special day, this will be reflected in what you wear, as you are the bride and the center of attention for the day. By purchasing a bridal jewelry set, your look will be congruent and gorgeously pieced together. Sit back and take in your day and all of the wonderful compliments it will bring.

Best Natural Acne Treatments – Get Rid Of The Acne Naturally

Even though natural acne treatments take time to cure, it is found to have a long lasting effect.

Natural cures are the best treatment for acne mainly because they are devoid of any side effects. Acne is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin. The oil produced by the gland gets clogged and this in turn results in papules, pustules and comedones.

The treatment for acne can start in your home. Changing the diet to include large amount of vegetables and fruits is a proven acne treatment. Skin reflects what is happening inside the body. Avoiding junk and processed food to a large extend can be very useful in the treatment of acne. If followed strictly, change in dietary habits can be the best treatment for acne.

Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid are essential for a healthy skin. These vitamins prevent acne and the development of scars. One of the best treatments for acne includes eating food and vitamin supplements rich in these vitamins.

Applying a paste of sandalwood and fresh basil leaves on the face is a proven natural treatment for acne. The clogging of the skin oil which leads to acne is caused by particular bacteria. Applying witch hazel after washing of the face and shower can eliminate the harmful bacteria. Another best treatment for acne is applying a paste of crushed strawberry leaves.

The best natural acne treatments mainly improve the immune system of the body so that it can build up natural defense mechanisms against the harmful bacteria. Cleaning your skin by natural methods can prevent acne to a large extent. While cleaning your skin make sure that you dont use any chemicals. Hydrated skin is a major cause of acne. Drinking lot of water can keep your skin healthy and it also helps in removing toxins. Try to avoid taking nails to your acne as it passes bacteria and leads to scarring.

If followed with care and attention, the best treatment for acne is through natural means.

Baby Advice Separating Truth From Fiction

New mothers get a ton of advice. Total strangers will walk up to you and give you their opinions on how to get rid of that cradle cap. Your mother-in-law will look at you with disapproving eyes and tell you that she had your husband sleeping through the night when he was two weeks old. Your next door neighbor will have an amusing anecdote about how a teaspoon of Jack Daniels absolutely cured her kids teething issues.

Dont despair. It wont last forever. And, there are days, Im sure, when you would welcome some good advice. But how do you sort out the good advice from the, well, crap, Its not easy, let me tell you. But, here are a couple of good places to go when youre in need of help.

First of all, before you take advice from someone, consider what kind of mother you think they are, or were. If your girlfriend is the best mom you know, and she has considerably more experience than you, then her advice is probably going to be helpful. But, if your neighbors kids grew up to be alcoholics, her advice about the Jack Daniels on the gums might be circumspect. You see where Im going with this. The advice is only good advice for you if you really feel comfortable using the technique on your baby. Every baby is different, and so is every Mom, so the advice is not one size fits all.

In addition to a Mom whom you trust, your pediatrician is a good person to ask for advice. When I was a first time Mom, I called my pediatricians office three times a week for some sort of help, and they never once acted like I was a pain in the neck, even though Im quite certain that I must have been. They can help you with all sorts of questions, and they can help reassure you that everything is ok, which, sometimes is all you need.

Another good source of advice is baby care books and websites. Many of the most common questions are answered in these formats, and they are available whenever you need them.

Finally, trust your instincts. Even if youre a first time Mom, you probably know whats best for your baby, because you know your baby best. A little advice never hurt anybody, but a little faith in yourself works wonders, too.

Atv Accessories To Make That Next Ride Unforgettable

There are two aspects of ATV’ing that can really make your next ride an incredible adventure as opposed to just average. Better performance is the first and comfort is the second. To better aid you in enjoying your next ride we have assembled the top 8 atv accessory ideas to give you both an upgrade in atv performance and comfortabiltiy.

The bumper is the first part of the atv accessory list that has to be considered. Originally a bumper was a separate metal bar or blade at each end of a vehicle to prevent damaging the atv. The bumper is one of the more upgradable aspects of an atv. ATV bumpers com in different colors, shapes and materials. Which can give your atv a much more streamlined appearance and make your ride faster, thusly more enjoyable.

Another atv accessory is a cabin enclosure. What you use your atv for dictates which cab enclosure that you should purchase. If you use it for fishing expeditions. The weather becomes stormy and you are far from shelter. All you need is a atv cabin enclosure installed to make this atv problem go away. A good cabin enclosure has 3 windows, one entry door, and is made of a flame retardant material.

Another atv cabin enclosure is what is called a hunting blind. It is 5 zippered gun ports. Some hunting blind atv cabin enclosures have a zippered gun port in the roof for goose and duck hunting.

The third must have atv accessory can be broken down into several categories. This particular atv accessory is a holder for your spotting scope, camera, and 8mm and VHS camcorder.

Want to carry small things with you without losing them, A fender organizer atv accessory will do the trick. For bigger items think about purchasing a bucket hugger controlled cargo tray. The bucket hugger atv accessory securely holds two 50-gallon buckets and tools.

The next atv accessory no active ATV’er should be without is good grip. During a ride in the summer your hand may get slippery from the seat and you can easily lose control of the vehicle. You want grips that are made of non-slip soft rubber. Look at high-density foam. This can deaden vibration and prevents the dreaded “tingling” in your hands. Ask for anti-vibration pads, which minimize fatigue and prevent slippage.

Helmets are way to show your individuality. Helmets come in a multitude of styles, shapes and colors. But no matter what helmet you decide to purchase make sure have a lock for the helmet. A great atv accessory are slip through standard “D” rings which will help secure the helmet to your ATV.

Last but not least atv accessory which will give you the ultimate in comfortability while atving are handlebar mitts. Fitting easily over the handlebars they keep your hands warm and dry when the weather is not that favorable.

Just remember these are just suggestions to make your next trip enjoyable. An upgrade in both performance and comfortablity, increasing the chances of your next atv exprience one of the best yet.

Ants-How to get rid of Ant problems

Living in a very dry area of Australia, I am actually very happy
to see all the ants coming inside the house as this means we are in for lots of rain. Trouble is, leave any trace of food around and it is covered in ants in seconds. The dog/cat dishes have to be emptied and cleaned straight after feeding and make sure the kids dont leave the honey or cordial out!
The problem lies when the ant problem becomes an
infestation and they start taking over the house. Then we have to do something to fix the problem.

Ancient and New Ways of Getting Rid of Back Pain

It isn’t exactly a rare scenario. A man, typically middle-aged, is seen busily working on something inside the house on a Saturday morning. The suddenly, he bends to pick up a tool from the floor. Earlier, he broke into a sweat while carrying sacks of cement and bricks that he’ll use to re-do the driveway. As he rises, he immediately senses the sharp pain on his waist and lower back. Not as young as he used to be, he ends up almost immobile from the waist down after hurting his back while doing something as ordinary as picking up an object from the floor. This scene is so common that it is even used as a common device in t.v. situation comedies and cartoons. But in real life, over stretching and lifting of heavy objects have been the reason for the need to buy all sorts of pain medications.